Chose My Own Adventure 

Okay friends. So adventures usually find me. I’ll get lost someplace and follow where the spirit takes me, meeting people and making plans as I go. So planning adventures in advance is a bit of a new thing for me. As a result, I’m not very good at it. The first 20 that I’ve come up with are below. The rest, dear friends, are up to you.

I am hereby committing to engaging in any and all suggestions that you offer that are legal, adventurous, feasible, and at least arguably safe. Come friends, we have 32 more adventures to discover.

1) Polar Bear Plunge – Chicago Illinois – January 1, 2010
2) [Redacted]
3) Fire a handgun (non-wimpy)
4) Appear onstage sober
5) Learn to cook a French dish
6) Host a dinner party – and actually cook things, having removed the sweaters from my oven
7) Redo counters and floor in Kitchen/bathrooms
8) Find a job
9) Complete the 300 workout
10) Finally found my foundation
a) Develop a way to avoid unnecessary alliteration
11) Design that second tattoo I’ve been imagining for years.
12) Get it – from a tattoo artist with a scary name – paid with tips.
13) Memorize 1 Corinthians: 13
14) Memorize the last monologue from Jumpers
15) Build a fire, spend all night tending it and watch the sun rise
16) Learn to do a standing backflip.
17) Go on a squad car ride-along.
18) Take nephew to attend his first play
19) Snowball fight
20) Poetry slam