late start adventurer… 

I feel like I’ve started everything in my life a little late than most so it only seems fitting that I’m joining in on the year of 52 adventures during week 3.  My good friend Jean Ann inspired me to join.  As soon as she told me about it I started jotting down everything I want to do and would send Jean updated lists every 5 minutes.  I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

So far my list consists of some simple things like clean under my bed, watch gone with the wind, take a yoga class and visit the art institute.  Then there are the big boys such as go on an international trip, sky diving, pay off my debt…and so on.  Even though i’m getting a late start, i have managed to get 3 adventures under my belt to keep me up to speed with the rest of you.

Week 1 – Try food I’ve never had before.

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