I thought maybe we would go on an adventure…

I’m just so pleased you’ve (I’m looking at you) dropped by mission control here.  You are obviously adventurous.  And lovely.  And so here it is.  Our mission:

I want this year to be “2010: The Year of 52 Adventures

In 2007 Disney promoted a campagin: “The Year of 1,000,000 Dreams”. They offered up 1,000,000 incentives, at the cost of the company, to Disney guests. In the end this merely amounted to 900,000 free plastic cups for additional consumption of over-priced soda water, but I can’t shake their intent. Accomplishments. Many of them. To be completed in a designated time. I can do that.

This is my new years resolution and the point of the writing.
Here’s what I propose: The Year of 52 Adventures (the reprise)
The idea is simple. There are 52 weeks in a year. Let’s complete 52 adventures in 2010. And I’d like your help in this effort.
Now I realize that many of my ideas fade out, but I’ve never fallen back on a resolution, and I write to make this work.
I’d like you to sign on, as well. What good are adventures if they can’t be shared? So here’s what I’m thinking:
We adventure like we’d never adventured before. The adventures can be as simple and as frugal as trying Ethiopian food for the first time, and as elaborate as getting a tattoo. These are the things we often keep ourselves from doing. The point is to try things outside of your comfort zone.  And it just feels hopeful, having 52 chances to look forward to.  I would like 2010 to suggest Hope for everyone.

I’ve designed this blog similiar to a Twitter page so that EVERYONE (I’m still looking at you) can contribute.  So do.  Tell your friends.  Please suggest that they tell theirs, and maybe we can make 2010 something new and exciting and wonderful.

Thank you for all that you do.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!