Straight from our cranium glove box, to yours

I’m fortunate to have a Rebecca-neighbor.  Not many people are so fortunate.  Not only is Rebecca the neighbor to borrow from, cry to, embarrass yourself before, but, BUT, she’s also an adventure chaser!  What are the odds!?!  So, with unlikely odds in our favor Rebecca and I collectively assembled the following list of future adventures and chances.  Join us in all and any.


(In no particular order and with no particular preference)

  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • All the Single Ladies Dance performed at a Boston night club (gulp!)
  • Read my poetry to an audience at a poetry reading (Kim)
  • Play guitar and sing in the subway (Kim)
  • Visit and gun shop & potentially fire a weapon
  • Touch a bird (Rebecca)
  • Pet a spider, or do something eerily spider related (Kim)
  • Hot air balloon ride in VT during the turning of the leaves
  • Bike ride across state lines
  • Camp (build a fire, assemble a tent)
  • Get hypnotized
  • Gamble in Atlantic City
  • Participate in a Civil War re-enactment
  • Visited a Haunted Sighting, at night, in Salem, MA
  • Go sailing
  • Run a 1/2 marathon in the winter in Hyannis
  • Pick apples in New England
  • Eat Lobster in Maine (first time for Kim!!!)
  • Travel from Boston to California on public transport
  • California Adventure (Jen N, fellow adventurer, chooses our adventure)
  • Fishing, including baiting, hooking, unhooking (yuck! – Kim)
  • Single woman bar crawl
  • Protest passionately for something I believe in (Kim)
  • Perform a professional dance at my sister’s wedding (Kim & Brad)
  • Wear a bikini (aye yi yi)
  • Ride a roller coaster with a loop (Kim’s first time!!!)
  • Visit a bat cave
  • Be an extra on a movie set
  • Shut it off day (no electronics, no phone, nothing!)
  • Overnight walk for suicide prevention
  • Meet Louise Gluck (Kim)
  • Zipline in New England
  • Visit Presidential Libraries
  • Get on NPR
  • Adventure Piercing (Kim is thinking…. nose?)
  • Adventure “52” tattoo (Kim)
  • Host Thanksgiving Dinner (Kim)
  • 1 day of speaking ONLY Japanese in Japan (Kim)
  • Glass shelf of the Sears Tower in Chicago
  • Empire State building on Valentine’s Day (there’s a longer explanation involved)
  • Naked Run in Boston (Kim)
  • Be a mall santa
  • Be a balloon holder for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  • Audition for a play
  • Learn and perform belly dancing