Time for some thrilling heroics…

I have known Hula for close to three years now, and this little idea of hers is a perfect example of why I cherish her as a friend. Interestingly enough, she told me about this idea right when I realized how boring my life is. Since then, I have given a lot of thought to how I was going to make 2010 a year worth remembering. And the ideas so far are…


  • Stop complaining about not finding good sushi in Minneapolis and make my own
  • Make a five-course dinner for a party of eight people


  • Look fear in the face and win (aka – attempt
  • Get a tattoo (popular choice it seems)
  • Go sail boating on Lake Calhoun
  • Start a snowball fight with elementary schoolers
  • Go dog-sledding
  • Go to high school sporting events and cheer loudly
  • Go to live dog or horse races

Attend a film festival

Get all snazzed up and go to a casino