ADV. #1: Baptism by Ice 

2 ex-boyfriends of mine walked into a 2009 New Years Eye party I was attending.  Only one left unharmed.

This is not how I hoped to jumpstart my year of 52 adventures.

However, as a saving grace, it was the sage word(s) of the unharmed ex who really lent credence and gave meaning to adventure #1: The Polar Bear Plunge. See, after my fist met the shoulder of the harmed one, I put down my drink, found Mark (of the unharmed) and sighed.  And sighed.  I said how I always chose the wrong men and spoke how how I never learned and reminded him that I had punched someone!  Punched him!  Like a spoiled child.  My racing words did little to suggest maturity and I was lothesome, near tears and without a drink. (More …)