My adventure for this week is something I don’t see myself doing again. I no longer wonder why pole dancing classes at Crunch are so late on the schedule. Even at 8:30pm I found it completely awkward strutting myself around a pole in the group exercise room that is completely surrounded by windows. I typically don’t go to Crunch in the evenings (I’m a 6am-er) so it was unfortunate to learn that this was the time when all the hot, straight guys go to the gym and just happen to be using the weight machines around this room. Mistake number 1- apparently you’re supposed to where really short shorts so that you legs can squeeze around the pole and hold you up. I’m talking shorts so short that I could tell you the instructors shaving preference (gross, right). Mistake number 2- you are also encouraged to bring stripper heels. You cannot believe some of the stuff these girls were doing. It was actually a little impressive, but then I realized that the only real use for this training (unless my boyfriend decides to install a pole in our bedroom) is something that I find totally degrading. To each their own, but I think I’ll stick to pilates and spinning.