Adventure #2 – Restorative Yoga Retreat

January 8-10

I’ve always been a fan of yoga, so I thought what better why to spend a cold weekend in January than to go on a yoga retreat?  I did some googling and was happy to find a yoga center only 2 hours from Boston – Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Center in Lenox, MA.  The program I selected was “Relaxing into the Heart of Winter” with Jillian Pransky (pictured above). The program focused on restorative yoga, which is a type of yoga I had never tried before.  The poses are supported by blankets, cushions, and foam blocks.  They are held for longer periods of time than traditional yoga poses (15-20 minutes).  The point of this process and meditation is to teach your body how to synchronize with the natural slowing down that happens in nature during the winter season.

Kripalu is an old monastery, so the conditions are simple, but comfortable.  The retreat was incredibly relaxing and allowed me to spend a lot of time being introspective.  I treated myself to a spa package with a neck and shoulder massage, energy balancing, Vitamin C Facial, and an aromatherapy massage.  I left the weekend feeling pampered, calm, and balanced.

At the end of the retreat, we all drew “angel cards” out of a bag.  Each card had a word on it.  We were instructed to silently ask if there was anything the universe wanted us to know.  I asked and the card that I drew was POWER.  Hmm, I wonder what that means….