#11: Naan tasting party

Sometimes adventures lead to more adventures. I think I’m much more likely to see opportunities now that I’ve trained myself to keep an eye out for them. 

Sometimes the opportunities are delicious.

A series of emails after I won the Boston Conservatory RENT tickets led to an invitation to a Naan-making lesson for contributors to CitySearch Boston, which had run the contest.  As meeting new people is always an adventure for me–and as I have no natural resistance to the promise of Indian food–I dutifully arrivde Mantra (warning: music autoplays through the restaurant web site) impressed by its swankiness but otherwise not sure what to expect.

The event was not Naan-making so much as sipping sweet cocktails while witnessing the birth of Naan, but it was still a wondrous thing.  I didn’t know that Green Chili and Mozzarella Naan existed.  I’m not sure whether it exists elsewhere–but it should exist everywhere, as far as I’m concerned, because it was just delicious.  The workings of Tandoori ovens were illustrated for us, and we were invited to taste the spoils: delicious shrimp and succulent cubes of Tandoori chicken.  After writing this, there’s just no way my lunch tomorrow is going to stack up.

The best part is that I met a handful of patently fantastic Bostonians–food bloggers and lovers of finding things to do.  They were a delight to meet and have added some local flavor to my twitter feed. One of them shared an apple cider foccacia recipe that’ll probably find its way into an adventure, one of these weeks. I’m looking forward to it!