New Places, New People #2/52

The word “adventure” has gotten me thinking lately – and I’m a great one for over analyzing.  The word seems ubiquitous on the Internet, and I wonder why.  What is it we’re all after?  I’ll admit I’m a little bored with my life right now – it’s too settled and too predictable.  It isn’t that I’m not thankful for all that I have (two fantastic teenagers, nice home, stable income, etc.), but it just isn’t…enough.  What’s important to me right now  is to seek out new experiences…shake things up…step outside my comfort zone.  I don’t necessarily need to make waves with every adventure – but I can sure as heck make some ripples.

Which leads me to last weekend.  Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll say that I took a my longest bike ride ever on a new route. It was not without its challenges (which included a big black dog named “Rambo” – but let’s not go there!)  I will also say that the lovely hills of the Virginia Piedmont seem a lot more scenic when one is riding down.

The following morning, I joined a group of total strangers on a Habitat for Humanity fund-raising hike.  The trail was beautiful and the people I met were fantastic.  (Meeting new people is definitely at the top of my list of adventures; I don’t know how, as an introvert, I can crave social contact so much, but that seems to be the way it is!)  Finally, I took my kayak out on a lake I’d never visited before.  It was very windy but sunny and warm…and I’ll confess that I spent more time aimlessly floating around than I did paddling!

Exciting? Not really…but what a great weekend!