Time to Get Back on the Horse

Unfortunately I fell off the adventure wagon a while ago. Probably got sick or busy or something like that. But I’m looking forward to starting again! My upcoming adventures are each longer than a day, but I’m counting them as adventures nonetheless. One is for the whole month of July. I’ll be taking an intensive class, 8hrs/day, to become TEFL-certified. (Kim, this is probably what you have, to have taught English in Japan?) Wish I could travel the world, but since I have young kids I want to see if I can become an ESL teacher here in Chicago. Maybe for refugees? I don’t know, but I’ve gotten kinda burnt out on being a drug counselor. Too much to write here…but it may be time for a change. From volunteering as an ESL teacher I already know that I love it, and want to learn more!
Another upcoming adventure will be taking my kids to Costa Rica in August. Navigating a foreign country for a week is sure to be full of many adventures, not to mention the ordeal of just getting there in the first place with a couple of shorties with limited attention spans. 😉
Past adventures (since I just started contributing to the blog) include: Learning how to knit, traveling to San Diego, attending a medieval-themed wedding, learned how to use a sewing machine, Lasik eye surgery, and lesbian speed-dating. I think there were a couple more, but I can’t remember right now. Funny, I lived my life like this before this year, so I’m remembering other “adventures” but they’re not associated with this project.
This past week I ended up getting a cold, so I had to postpone my adventure: cooking (and eating) cactus! Cacti? Whatever. It’s another thing that isn’t an adventure to a lot of people, since they sell it in the grocery store and SOMEbody must be buying it, but for me it’s something new. My ESL student told me how to cook it and I promised her I’d give it a try. Wish me luck!

Hope everybody has a wonderful day! Keep up the great work… I like reading the posts. 🙂