Hi, adventurers!

Forgive me, I’m still figuring out how to use WordPress. 

I’m excited about my newest idea for an adventure, so even though we’re supposed to post AFTER the fact, I’m sharing it first– I’m going to try and go to every Farmer’s Market in the Chicago area next week!  The list of daily markets was featured in the Red Eye recently, and I was trying to figure out which ones would be easiest for me to get to, when I thought….why not try and go to all of them?  Not this week, because it’s very busy for me, but next week I could attempt it.  Seems most of the markets are open from 7am-3pm, and I’d be able to figure out which ones I’m interested in returning to in the future.  I’m kicking off the week by attending the Eco-Fair at Navy Pier next Sunday, so this will be a good theme. (In addition to using whatever I buy for fresh nightly dinners!)

I still need to come up with an adventure for THIS week.

Thanks for reading this!   🙂