Adventure #5 – Rally Time

Adventure number 5 kicked off with a visit to Riverside Motorsports in Somerville Saturday, will last all summer and will include several other adventures along the way. While I was in getting my inspection sticker I picked up my Ducati Passport and first stamp for this year’s Passport Rally before taking a (very) roundabout route up to Beverley to add a second stamp at Eastern Cycle Ducati

The New England Desmo Owners Club Passport Rally is, essentially, a friendly competition and excuse to get out and go riding all over the northeast. This is the second year of what we hope to keep going as a running (and growing) event. The rules are pretty simple: ride to as many of the participating dealerships and events as you can and get your passport stamped at each one. At the rally in September everyone turns in their passports and the person with the most stamps in each category wins. This year they’ve added another way to earn points by submitting pictures of our bikes with our passports in front of certain landmarks spread throughout the region. All in all it’s a lot of fun, and finding as many of the places as possible makes for great adventures. For last year’s rally I did a 3-day romp through 5 states collecting stamps as I went, and I’m planning at least 2 or 3 trips for this year.

2 stamps down, a whole lot to go!