I can spaz my way through anything 

Some adventures make me uncomfortable.  I know in some time I’ll have to handle a spider (what the what?!).  I intend to get pierced (eek!).  There’s just now a noisy bug in my window.  These things I’d sooner not tackle.

But, but, but they are all things that better inform who we are and what we are capable.  Even if only a bug.

So remember that what you do today, what you did yesterday, and what you are capable of performing tomorrow inspire me, him, her, Canada and the world to be all they can be.

You are just that amazing.

Sure are.

So I just thought to send some lovely accolades your way, and remind you to remind us of all you do.

So come on by the blog or the FB site and let us know.

We have some lovely things on the docket.  Namely, an upcoming interview with Senator Bill Bradley and some airtime on Montreal radio.  Whee!

As always, thanks for doing what you do.  You are truly an inspiration.

Let’s race to the next leg of the adventure trail, ne?

Hula (Kimberly) – yearof52adventures