Adventures 14-23/52: Summer fun

Candlelight dinner for one

Where has the summer gone? I’m still behind on adventuring, but not as much as my lack of recent postings might indicate. Here’s a speed-round update of all that’s happened:

14/52: Making a multi-step pizza dough recipe to enjoy during my personal candlelight dinner (pictured above) while DP was away for a golf weekend. Totally worth weighing all of the ingredients and waiting hours for the dough to rise.

15/52: Finishing my first quilt. I love its fabrics as well as its imperfections (there are many).

16/52: Offering on a whim to quit my job (or really, just work part-time.) This offer was respectfully declined and led to the discovery that the director of my program reads my blog (Hi Raj!) … he asked me if this was one of my adventures. I told him I didn’t intend it to be, but it made sense to count it as one after the fact.

17/52: Repurposing old hiking socks into an iPod arm band (aka, Socking it to the Apple man or, I’ve already spent $200+ on an iPod, I don’t need to spend $30 more on something that’s going to get sweaty holding it).

18/52: Inviting a new friend to dinner to discuss leaps of faith, cooking for a career and living a purposeful life.

19/52: Admitting—out loud and with tears—that I can’t do it all. And finally believing it. And finally letting myself be okay with it.

20/52: Moving my relationship status with (not on) Facebook to “it’s complicated.” I ignored it for a few days and found out that it seems to be creating rather than filling some void in my life. I’m not deactivating my account just yet, but I’m still reflecting on other ways to meaningfully connect with people.

21/52: Putting our house up for sale, in anticipation of another adventure.

22/52: Becoming a morning walker, even before I have a sip of coffee. I never thought I’d be a person who wakes up early to exercise, but I’m three weeks into the routine and feel too good to stop–until the mornings get colder and darker, at least.

23/52: Registering for the Mondo Beyondo online class to begin exploring my dreams and reclaiming my happy place in life.

I sense lots of adventure possibilities in the next few months, and my goal is to better about blogging … so, stay tuned!