ADV. #11/52: The Power in Protest 

When I had a car, it was obnoxious.  It was a little, un-souped Saturn SL1 with manual locks and windows and no stereo.  It’s lack for frills did not lend it it’s obnoxious air, instead, the bumper, the standard champagne colored dent-resistant bumper was covered, bumper-wall to bumper-wall in stickers.

Go ahead and roll your eyes.  I am certainly one of those people.

But I’m going to try and redeem myself.  I didn’t sponsor any lame slogans.  There was no prostelyzing about bikes or a God or even public works.  There was, however, a very real agenda to my cars backside.  There would be no mistaking my political affiliation if you were to see my wheels on the road.  You would know I’m a Democrat.  A Democrat who supports Democratic candidates.  A Democrat who supports gay rights.  A Democrat who supports ending the war.  A Democrat, a Democrat, A Democrat.

And maybe I talk a big talk.  And showcase an impressive bumper.  But when push comes to shove I’ve been a lax Democrat.  I’ve missed voting in less sexy elections.  I argue about causes and beliefs without really researching my side and the oppositions side.  I’d like to believe I’m well meaning, and I really want to be well meaning.  It’s just… if I’m to tote around town all self-righteous like as a raging liberal (It would really have been better had I a hybrid), I should probably do more for the team, right?

So when presented with the opportunity to stand up for something I believe in, I thought to do so.  To get in and get my hands dirty and invest myself totally to something.  And that’s usually the issue – I think I can do it all, and a lot is half accomplished.  I didn’t want that.   (More …)