Another Quick ‘n Dirty Catch-up, and I’m Nearly Halfway There…

and 25+ adventures is okay with me!  So, without further ado and mostly in bullet points:

13 – Going to London (not my first trip to my most beloved city, but never for a seminar for Library School through UNC-Chapel Hill and the University College London) for two weeks, wherein I had several adventures:

14 – Becoming a Bedford Babe because there were a few of us living in a different location, so we were a Very Special Group! 😉

15- Exploring and Becoming part of the Bloomsbury group in spirit simply by living there and wandering and soaking it all in.

16 – Over the weekend during the two weeks – I went on an “elephant hunt.”  There was an art exhibit on, with brightly painted elephant sculptures scattered throughout the city.  Lovely city exploration naturally coincided.

17 – I conducted a personal As Time Goes By Experience.  Impossible to explain to anyone unfamiliar with the British show, and hard enough if you love the show as much as I and my family do.  Suffice it to say it did my heart good.

18 – Immediately upon my return I went to a Red Sox game – six rows behind the dugout – AMAZING!  My long-term love affair continues though the Sox season does not.

19 – Scooperbowl in Gov’t Center.  Free ice cream as far as the eye could see…delicious!

20 – Fourth of July Fireworks in Boston!

21 – First Simmons power outage, which was a perfect icebreaker as we sat in the hall chatting, playing cards.  I said we were The Kids in the Hall, but then we were sent outside…

22 – I became LISSA Queen (ask Hula – she knows what that means).  It’s a little nuts…

23 – After Hours at the Gardner Museum – crazy crowded, but there’s something about the Museum After Dark that is very different.

24 – Started an internship I essentially “created” at UUSC in Cambridge.

25 – College Night (or whatever they called it) at the MFA.  Yes, we students always get in free, but tonight there were temporary tatoos (sp?) to be had, music and coffee in the coffeehouse, and glo-stick necklaces.  Emulated a picture there of a woman with two elephants (what is with me and the elephants?  I’m not a Republican) as well.  Good times with friends.

And I’m nearly halfway there!