Adventure 39/52: Joining Reverb 10 and Adventure 40/52: Baking for my neighbor

Adventure 39/52: Joining Reverb 10
What does one do on a Sunday afternoon when suffering from a cold and dreading last minute holiday shopping? Join Reverb 10 to reflect on this year and manifest what’s next, of course! Each day’s prompt was posed by a different person and focuses on a particular theme (e.g., Community, Wonder, Party). I joined mid-month and played catch-up the whole time–I can’t ever imagine myself as a daily blogger–but it was a powerful exercise nonetheless. Read my three-part series of responses starting here.

Adventure 40/52: Baking for my neighbor
This adventure required the most courage and motivation of any others I’ve completed this year. It’s not coincidental that I fulfilled it during the last few hours of 2010; without question, I was avoiding it. Let’s just say that this adventure (or rather, the reason behind this adventure) forced me to acknowledge some hard-to-face truths about myself. So, with a pounding, open heart, I knocked on my neighbor’s door to deliver a plate of cookies and a loaf of cranberry bread. This is the first of many, many things I need to do to become a better neighbor and community member, but it’s a start. And, while DP was a great support to me, one of my students was the true inspiration. Without our conversation a few weeks ago, I’m confident that I would have continued to blow off this much-needed adventure.

Cheers to an end, and to a beginning…
The Year of 40 Adventures has a decent ring to it. Sure, I wish that I’d finished 52 so I could become a card-carrying member of the club, but to be honest, I completed about 37 more than I would have without inspiration from Kimberly Hula and the adventuring community she developed. My achievement comes not from the number I completed, but rather from the new, active role I’ve taken in creating a more interesting life for myself. This may be the official end of the Year of 52 Adventures, but it’s just the beginning of a lifetime of adventures for me.

I plan to continue blogging weekly at in 2011 and beyond. Please stop by and say hello … I’d love to continue connecting with fellow and aspiring adventurers. Thank you, Kimberly, for the support and enthusiasm you’ve provided throughout the year. You, my friend, rock!