What Should My FOURTH Adventure Be? 

Alright party people; I know what my first three adventures are going to be…but you won’t find out until I post about them 🙂

However, I want some help choosing my fourth adventure!  This is something I thought I would do to help keep things more random and, well, adventurous!  I will let you decide what I’m going.  Here is a poll of four possible things that I could do.  For the most part, I will follow whatever gets the most votes.  But if someone can leave a very convincing comment as to why I should do one or the other, I may listen.  Out of the possibilities, only two of them may need explanation for people who don’t live in or near the Twin Cities.

Das Boot is a giant boot shaped beer glass.  Generally, the restaurant requires at least four people be present at a table for one to be ordered because there is a sort of unwritten rule that the glass isn’t allowed to touch the table.  Don’t worry, I will surely have a sober cab on the way home.

And Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, was from St. Paul.  Because of this, there are many statues of the Peanuts characters strewn about the city and suburbs.  I honestly don’t even know how many there are, or where they all are, but I do know that there is a website where I can find out.

Anyway, please vote and let me know!

Not all of the possible answers are terribly exciting.  But I am currently poor and need to save money for adventures, bills, possible road trip, and trying to be my lady’s sugar daddy.  I am failing at that last one.