Puma Paw & Acts of In-Law Appeasement 

My last visit to Japan also served as my first meet-and-greet with my to be in-laws.  Despite a nerve-wracked red eye flight that had me in tears for fear of not being able to impress them the trip went over smoothly.  My okasan (mother) was cordial, hospital and ALL ENERGY.  She effortlessly showed me all the sights of their hometown Kamakura while simultaneously planning me a robust birthday celebration and cooking every meal.

I think of meals as three a day.  Like a story there’s a beginning, middle and end.  However, were I to follow this metaphor in my own cooking each meal would hold it’s own and have a stamp of importance on it.  As such, I’m a sloppy chef and cook to consume, whereas my okasan is the real deal.  She cooks to create.   Create happiness.  Create satiety.  She does this to make those she serves happy and seeing the eager stampede to the dining table every time we were called to sit down, I can attest to her good-great-best work.

She’s a powerhouse, and, although we have a burgeoning and lovely relationship, I’d do anything to make her proud.  So here, in Boston, in the safe confines of my own test kitchen, I’ve been making active efforts to become better versed.  So when the opportunity arose to enroll in a sushi making lesson, I immediately signed up.

Thankfully so did dear pals Moira and Courtney, and the three of us made way for Sea to You Sushi in Brookline, MA for a 2 hour hands-on course in the delicate art of sushi-rolling. (More …)