Adventure 2: Ice skating

I am accident prone. And not just a little. I am constantly covered in scrapes, cuts and bruises. As such, I tend to avoid those sports (anything but running really) that might lead to some new injury. Consequently, I’ve always shied away from ice skating but in honor the new year, and new adventures, I decided to give it a try.

My local Whole Foods has an ice skating rink on the roof every winter:

I arrived just as one session was ending and the ice was being prepped for the new group:

I donned my skates and scooted around the rink (basically gripping the wall the entire time) but had a blast.


My husband came with me and while he is a good skater, he humored me and stayed by my side until I’d had enough. After I had my fill, he zipped around a few more times and then bought me a hot chocolate.

I won’t be a proficient skater anytime soon but I did enjoy the experience and may try it again next year.