Hi, fellow adventurers! I thought it would be helpful if we began with some introductions (or re-introductions). I just read my posts from 2010- wow, time flies! I found them hilarious. They brought back some great memories.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am 33 and the mom of two boys, ages 10 and 12. I’m a self-professed travel addict who loves randomness, nature, and tries not to take life too seriously. My day job is as a therapist (LPC, CADC) in a supportive-living facility on the Southside of Chicago.

This blog inspired me to continue making short-term “bucket lists” of things I wanted to do and accomplish. My list for 2015 included:

*Buy a car
*Drive for Uber/Lyft
*Visit at least 1 foreign country (Two! Spain and Turkey)
*Take the boys to visit at least 1 new state (12!!)
*Try LSD (that’s another story, lol)
*Take a trapeze class
*Take a swing dancing class (it became my new monthly hobby!)
*Take the kids on their first horseback ride
*Bring Jake to visit a dairy and pig farm (it ended up being a pre-factory farm. oops!! lol)
*Run my first 5k
*Live with a roommate (previously I’d only lived with my ex-husband and sister)
*Join the Red Cross Disaster Action Team

Last year was a mixture of emotions for me. I dated a bit but stayed intentionally single, trying to work on myself as much as possible after a devastating break-up near the end of 2014. I feel like I’ve grown spiritually, gained confidence and clarity in my identity and passions, and am redefining what “adventure” will look like for me in the coming year.

Before I knew I’d be re-joining the blog I had the idea of making an “adventure scrapbook” with my best friend Lexie- kind of like a local passport, where we document ourselves trying new restaurants and other bonding activities, but in paper scrapbook form, not online. On a personal level, I planned on having adventures in emotional vulnerability that are smaller, quieter, more intimate and not necessarily adventurous in the traditional sense of the word, but can feel equally challenging and liberating. Adventures in anonymous random acts of kindness. Adventures in patience and compassion with people who are difficult to love. I’m not sure yet how these acts will manifest and whether I’ll publicly blog about them, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about…living more intentionally and compassionately, and including myself in that equation.

What I enjoyed about this blog in the past was that we didn’t have to be strict about reporting a new adventure every week. While ideal, life gets busy and I want to let things happen in their own time rather than stress about submitting an entry every week. I also loved being inspired by others’ adventures!

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you in 2016 and sharing in mutual joy over living life to the fullest, however that looks to each one of us! 🙂