late start adventurer…

I feel like I’ve started everything in my life a little late than most so it only seems fitting that I’m joining in on the year of 52 adventures during week 3.  My good friend Jean Ann inspired me to join.  As soon as she told me about it I started jotting down everything I want to do and would send Jean updated lists every 5 minutes.  I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time.

So far my list consists of some simple things like clean under my bed, watch gone with the wind, take a yoga class and visit the art institute.  Then there are the big boys such as go on an international trip, sky diving, pay off my debt…and so on.  Even though i’m getting a late start, i have managed to get 3 adventures under my belt to keep me up to speed with the rest of you.

Week 1 – Try food I’ve never had before.

I was at a popular tapas restaurant the first week of the new year and was with someone a bit braver than I.  We ordered the Chicken and Rabbit Paella, i have never had paella or rabbit.  When I think of eating rabbit i think of Michael Moore’s documentary Roger and Me, that I watched in Economics Sophomore year of high school. A woman that has been laid off from the GM plant starts a business selling rabbits for “pets or meat” and shows her slaughtering a cute cuddly rabbit.  I like to consider myself someone who will try anything, so when my companion for the meal suggested the rabbit dish I felt like I couldn’t say no.  I’m glad I tried it but honestly, it tastes like chicken.

Week 2 – Stay up past 11pm for an entire week.

All of my friends know that I basically go to bed before the sun goes down.  I have to be at work really early so staying up until 10pm is a challenge for me.  I usually start to get ready for bed around 9pm and am in a deep sleep soon after.  My adventure for this week was to stay up past 11pm every night and see what it’s like to be a night owl.  Most night’s i had to plan something to do to keep me up, such as help a friend accomplish her weekly adventure by helping to make a bacon and cheese dip.  Nights that i didn’t have something planned i had to be in constant motion doing something – cooking, cleaning, organizing.  If I sat down, I was done for.  Around Thursday I started getting really tired – Friday I was at the end of my rope.  I did it, and i’m still tired….

Week 3 – Go ice skating at Wrigley Field.

This past Monday was a great Chicago winter day, and we don’t get many of them.  The sun was out, the weather wasn’t brutally cold, it was the perfect day for me and a couple of friends to go ice skating.  We waited in line for about 45 minutes and skated for maybe a half hour.  It’s amazing how the older we get the more cautious and slower we become, I was skating like a snail with all these kids cruising past me.  All i could think is don’t let me fall, don’t let me fall whereas these little ones would fall and get right back up.  I didn’t think I would be as quick to move as they were had i taken a tumble…