I’ve Always Been an Overachiever

…just apparently not when it comes to adventures. Ever since Kim first told me about wanting to start this project, I’ve been trying to come up with adventures of my own. Well, after my “but I just changed my tail light all by myself!” attempt was voted off the adventure island, I came to the conclusion that my list was going to be on the smaller side. This is a bit strange, seeing as I’m a huge planner and list maker, and have always had a number of goals that I’ve pushed myself to meet. Apparently not so much in the adventure department– but that’s okay, I’m coping, and am thinking about joining an adventure-challenged support group 🙂

But in the meantime, drum roll please…

1. Successfully complete the culinary school section of my masters degree, with minimal cuts and burns (The class starts in exactly 1 week…eep!)
2. Run the Hyannis half-marathon in February 2010 (With Miss Kim, of course)
3. Run the Portland, ME marathon in October 2010 (Also with the lovely Kim)
4. Start and maintain a food blog, complete with play by play of culinary school (It’s up! Now we’ll see how long it lasts…trialbyfireblog.com)

…aaaand I’m spent. Thats right, 4 adventures. Take that, former-overachiever-Lauren– you’re a slacker now. (and loving every minute of it.) 🙂