Planning: No Pants T Ride

This Sunday (1/10) is apparently the 3rd annual No Pants Subway Ride organized through Improv Everywhere. A Boston version is being organized by the folks at Boston S.O.S. (Society for Sponteneity), with the facebook event below. Fear not, it doesn’t involve No Pants Whatsoever; more like Less Pants Than Usual. Shorts are acceptable, even encouraged. Contributions have to fall within the threshold of “legal,” but they also are probably “unwise.” There were over 100 participants in Boston last year.

I’m a long-time fan of Improv Everywhere, and this is one of my favorite acts of street theater they’ve pulled off (har har har). The effort through facebook doesn’t seem to be very coordinated yet, but if they start putting down some concrete plans, I may just be swayed.;No_Pants_T_Ride

I say we pack the stands.