Week 2 – My Marriage (not the act, but the thought of it)

I will be getting married this summer (August 7th, 2010) and I am fortunate enough that the person who will be overseeing my wedding is also one of my best friends.  I know he cares truly about the ceremony, about what is said, about how it is presented and received. So what does he do for me?  He gives me fucking homework.  BASTARD!  But in retrospect, the homework is VERY beneficial.

Trevor’s first task was for Becky (my fiance) and I to each, without the other person viewing it, write a list of what we feel true love is.  Then we write (again in secret) what we love about the other person.  And finally we will come together, discuss the lists, and talk about what we currently do and what we could do to make sure that our relationship will work.  And man, did I give this shit some thought.  And no, it isn’t exciting, but it was indeed an adventure.

I am about to start the great adventure: a family.  Becky and I are going to spend the rest of our lives together, we are going to have many kids (currently between three or six), I think around four dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig.  And I mean, it isn’t like I never thought of that before.  Becky and I have been engaged for over a year and I had intentions of proposing for around a year before that.  I knew this was coming.  But wow.  It is really going to happen.

Thinking, honestly, sitting down and putting hours and hours of thought into this, has really opened my eyes.  I can’t post my thoughts on the matter yet (since Becky and I are still in the independent stages of the writing process), and they are very personal thoughts, so I am not sure if I ever will. But man, love is a trip.  Pretty sweet, though.

Sorry that this post was boring.  But hey, if you know me, then you know that is a pretty accurate description of who I am.

All photos are from a New Year’s Eve party Becky and I were at two years ago (so far the only New Year’s Eve party we have ever attended together since she is always in Arizona or something around that time of the year).