Adventure #2 Join a Gym

Ok so this adventure wasn’t on the original list. I was kind of scrambling for a good adventure this week and I decided that joining a gym was good enough. I have been a member of a gym before but it was either the YMCA or an old big beautiful ballroom that had been turned into a gym. The ballroom gym was great. It was cozy, quiet, sometimes a little private depending on the time you went. It left me spoiled for future gym experiences. On Sunday I became a member of Xsport which is nothing like the comforts of the ballroom gym.  I feel like these mega gyms are filled with d-bags that only want my money or want me to go tanning or sign up with a personal trainer and consume mass quantities of strange vitamins. I have a gym bias, its true. All my insecurities tend to surface at the gym. Why is everyone looking at me? Can they tell I don’t belong here because I can’t maneuver this weight contraption? Are all these beefy men going to pick me up and toss me back downstairs to the safety of a treadmill? The gym kind of messes with my brain but I like working out. Making the decision to give my hard earned money to an establishment such as this was definitely an adventure. Overcoming my gym insecurities will be an even bigger one.