Adventure #2 The Bacon Dip

I knew from the start that one of my adventures this year would be cooking related – since I’ve moved back to Chicago and am living on my own, I don’t do much cooking any more. Also, my friends here are a little bit older and more “adult” than my old friends in DC and I’ve been desiring some competitive adult party skills such as bringing a dessert to a party, gifting a bottle of wine that cost more than $6.99, and most importantly, having something a little flashier than a bag of chips on the coffee table when I am hosting friends.

So I wanted to make an appetizer, but I made this adventure a little more specific—I wanted an appetizer than included everyone’s favorite food: Bacon. Oh bacon, you delicious mistress. Bacon, you glorious food item even vegetarians dream about. Bacon, like a stripper inside a birthday cake, you just make every gathering so much more enjoyable.

You can check out the actual recipe for my dip here, but I’ll just tell you that it included bacon, garlic and blue cheese, among other delights.

With the culinary and photography skills of two other Adventurers, I chopped garlic, cooked bacon, used a handmixer to blend it all into a warm smooth delight, and drank a glass (or two) of wine while my the bacony, garlicy, cheesy goodness became hot bacony, garlicy, cheesy goodness.

The three of us sat ‘round a table, enjoying my masterful creation and discussing all our future adventures.

Adventure #2 was so much fun that I might learn to make other appetizers this year (as long as my fellow Adventurers are there to add their support!) I even had the chance to warm up the leftovers later than night and feed a starving friend. This dip warmed the hearts of the entire North side, and it can warm yours, too.

(Post Script: I completed this adventure last week, but it took me a minute to get the pictures!)