3/52: Taking my husband on a date

On a fun date–my sister-in-law’s 70s-themed birthday bash–a few years ago

Inspired by fellow adventurers (adventurerchaser and Berton)–one of whom went on a date every night last week and another who completed homework about love for his upcoming marriage–I invited my husband (DP) on a date as soon as I arrived home on Friday night. Why is this an adventure? For a few reasons:
1. My natural introverted tendency is to remove myself from the world on Friday nights, so offering to do anything besides put on my PJs and sulk was a major accomplishment.
2. I have been the grumpiest, most annoyed, and likely most annoying, partner on the planet this week. Which actually made our date more of an adventure for DP, who probably accepted my invitation out of fear about what might happen if he declined.
3. DP and I have not gone out, alone, in a very long time. See point number 1 for insight on why this is so.

My first suggestion was to try a new restaurant, but since I was trying to be super-spontaneous as well, we decided to get tickets for the 8 pm performance of Spring Awakening. The theatre is next to one of our favorite spots, so we nixed a new place and headed downtown for a pre-show appetizer and beer. We held hands as we walked from the car, we laughed as he played air drum during some of the more rockin’ numbers (I usually just want to die of embarrassment but I was steadfast in my adventurous spirit), and, not wanting the night to end early, we headed to a somewhat new-to-us pub for appetizer and beer #2. We talked, we cracked up, we enjoyed each others’ company. And I felt hopeful that by the end of 2010, a Friday night like that will feel commonplace rather than adventurous.