Adventure # 3 Dying my own hair

This adventure snuck up on me and I kind of like that.  I started dying my hair probably when I was a freshman in high school. I think I probably dyed it from then through mid college. My mom always did it for me. I stopped dying my hair when I saw how ridiculous my younger sister’s hair looked. She has wickedly curly hair and all of it never seems to be fully colored, roots are always showing and its just a mess.  I haven’t dyed my hair for probably 4 years…until tonight!

I don’t really do a lot with my “look” i had the same curled under bangs unfortunately until my roommate at the time introduced me to the side bangs. It changed my life. I don’t really have the skill to use product or fancy equipment or anything so when it comes to my hair, however it dries is kind of what you get. But I’m ready for a change. In a time when I am trying to decide what I want for myself in my personal life, the first change is my hair. I went to Walgreens and picked out a hair color ALL ON MY OWN. I made calls to 2 friends who unfortunately did not answer their phones and  left me to decide between Mahogany or Medium Brown. I went with a medium deep bronze or something. My original hair color? I always thought it was a kind of drab dishwater blonde but I think it has gotten a little darker with age.

This was certainly an adventure because it was the first time that I was performing the dye job myself, unassisted even! I mixed up the poisonous chemical concoction I would soon be applying to my scalp. I vaguely remember in other hair dying incidents to pay close attention to the roots-visions of my poor sister’s unevenly dyed coif haunting me. At some point I lost patience with a methodical working into the roots and just started squirting the dye all over my head like a ketchup bottle or something (i don’t actually eat ketchup but i believe I have witnessed the application of the condiment in a similar manner)

Twenty five minutes, a deep conditioner and towel dry (i don’t own a hair dryer) later and i have “medium bronze brown” hair. I think. Maybe. Its hard to categorize hair color. I’m just glad it looks decently even, that really being my main issue, all though I can’t actually see the back of it. I’m pleased though. Pleased enough to probably go for hair adventure part 2 which is to go and get a hair cut. I haven’t gotten my hair cut  by someone other than a friend in awhile. The spirit of hair adventures continues!