Adventure 2 – Making a Cake from Scratch

This was a very adventurous week. My second adventure was supposed to be to attend a professional basketball game. I bought tickets for my family to attend a professional basketball game. The professional basketball game was the Orlando Magics vs. Charlotte Bobcats. I live about 25 miles from Orlando. On Wednesday, my son, Jacob, asked me if the game was on Friday. I replied, “No, Jake. It is on Saturday.” About 15 minutes later, he said, “Mom, I think you bough

t the tickets for the game in Charlotte.” I said, “I don’t think so.”, as I am walking to get the tickets. I get the tickets and look at the location of the sporting event and sure enough the tickets were for the game in Charlotte, NC. Then, I started laughing and saying “What am I going to do with these tickets?” I called my sister, who lives near Charlotte, if she w

ould like to attend the Charlotte Bobcats vs. Orlando Magic on Saturday night. She said, “Yes.” I then had to get the tickets to the post office and mail them to her overnight. On Thursday, I went to the post office and mailed the tickets to her. She got the tickets on Friday. She attended the ballgame on Saturday night. Needless to say, the Magic won in overtime. Go Magic!!! It was an adventure within itself to get rid of the tickets.

I then had to go to another adventure. One of the adventures on my list is to bake a cake from scratch. No cake mix! I have not done this in about 15 years. I bought all the items at the grocery store on Saturday and came home to bake my cake. I mixed up the cake mix with a mixer and my mixer was having a hard time mixing the batter. My daughter, Kimberly, tried the batter and said, “Mom, this batter taste like cake mix.” She said, “It isn’t sweet at all.” I had forgotten to put the sugar in the cake batter. It is a good thing Kimberly tried the cake batter before I cooked it. I cooked the cake and it turned out yummy. My son, Aaron, said today, “Mom, you need to make another cake like the one you made.” So, I am glad I tried this adventure.