Week 3 – Sushi

I have had a very difficult time finding a quality and cheap Japanese joint in Minneapolis.  There are apparently some great ones, but also expensive (which I can’t swing at the moment).  So I have probably complained about that a bunch and inquired many times for new places to eat.  So then I told myself, screw it, I will just make my own sushi!

This was a wonderful idea.  My good friends Tim (above) and Jamison went with me to United Noodle, which is probably one of the best Asian markets in the area.  After a while browsing the rows and seeing many things I saw back in Japan, we finally got our goods and went home to make some Tuna Rolls and California Rolls.

Other friends Lexi and Whitney came over to join in on the fun too.  And even with all of the help, it was a lot harder to make than I thought.  But it was also a great time.  Making food with friends is tons of fun, and we surely learned from our mistakes.  The first few rolls were WAY to thick (more burrito than sushi roll).  The last ones were more along the lines of typical sushi rolls.

Overall, a wonderful night spent with great friends, hilarious times, and some pretty good sushi.