Little people are funny

Need an adventure?! 

I posed this question to 24 second graders- What adventures can Mr. Lopez have this year?  I explained what I would be doing for the next 49 weeks and what I have accomplished already (sanz the smoking).

To give them an example, I said they could have me eat a live worm if everyone in the class recieved 100% on their spelling tests, four weeks straight.  In working out the lagistics, I then obligated myself to eat what one student suggested- a “Worm Dog”.  You see, a worm dog is like a hot dog except you extract the hot dog and insert a disgusting worm.  Maybe I’ll have a chilli and cheese worm dog.  I just got sick thinking of it…

Listed is just a sample of their ideas.   So, in no particular order:  The 52 Adventures per Room 233:

1. Eat a Worm Dog.  (Where’s the Pepto……)

2. Go to a basketball class (She obviously knows I suck at sports).

3. Jump out of a plane with a parachute

4. Jump out of a plane without a parachute (She’s getting silent lunch)

5. Go to Paris

6. Go to Six Flags or Safari Land

7. Go to Chinatown and eat popcorn with chopsticks

8. Go to space

9. Climb a mountain

10. Eat your skin (Whaaaaaaaaa?!)

11. Go to Cheers in Boston

12. Paint your shoes like a rainbow (She knows something…)

13. Where girl clothing (She’s in cahoots with #12)

14. Memorize a poem that is very hard

15. Ride your bike from home to work

16. Don’t eat junkfood (this is actually a good one)

17. Eat a worm patty, worm soup, worm doughnuts, worm ice-cream, worm in apple and then go to Mexico and rest from all the worm eating.

18. Fight a famous wrestler

19. Make a funny face every morning

20. Go to Haiti and help people there

21. Go to Canada walking

22. Say hello to people as you pass them by (I wonder what reactions I would get?)

And lastly….

23. Have fun

That indeed, number 23. That indeed:)