4/52- A Serious Commitment to Science 

I don’t ever remember thinking that boys were better at science and math, I just knew that I wasn’t very good at either of them. Math and I never really got along, but as a nature-loving kid, science intrigued me.  It was hard for me though, and I readily backed away from the subject. Reading and writing came easily, and I was praised from a young age for having skill in both arenas. As is the lazy way of living life, I threw myself into a world of words and allowed a passion for English to justify an avoidance of science. A pretty successful run in Physical Science and Biology could not suppress my growing fear that I would fail out of Chemistry in my Junior year. I convinced my guidance counselor that I didn’t need to take it, and enrolled in the “easier” Ecology class, primarily occupied by academically low seniors seeking an easy A (or, maybe, a good effort B).

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