Adventures 5-7 

I seem to be a bit behind in my posting, but once you read what my adventures were, I think you’ll understand.

For week 6, a traveled with fellow adventurer Adrienne to Boston’s Museum of Science to take in the Harry Potter Exhibition, a fangirl’s dream come true.  Since it would take hours and a novel to explain the true awesomeness of the experience, I’ll direct you to my personal blog for all the details.

Adventure 7 was something that’s been in the works for many months now.  I am in the midst of a series of oral surgeries to rebuild and reinforce the bone and soft tissue around my teeth.  It’s been a painful process, but it will be worth it to not loose my teeth before I’m 30!  Again, I’m going to direct you to my personal blog to find out more, so I don’t have to write it twice.  Check it out and follow the links if you want to follow the whole process!

For week 8, I undertook the adventure of cutting my own hair. Well, a portion of it. To save the bother of finding an affordable stylist, a trimmed my own bangs and managed to not look completely undone in the end. I think it’s a pretty good accomplishment for someone who spent most of the last week on prescription pain medications!