Figuring Things Out

An intangible “something” had been rolling around inside me for some time.  Last year I took a motorcycle class, just for the heck of it.   Signed up for an ice hockey class.  Ran another road race…

The “something” got more intense after I attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival in March and saw a film about Roz Savage, the British woman who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.  I wanted to DO something!

When I came across this blog the other day, it resonated with me and gave some structure to what I was feeling.  I hope to rediscover my own audacity (while keeping my day job), so here goes the list – incomplete, random, and not entirely committed to:

1.  Climb a mountain (or part of one).

2.  Take a bicycle maintenance class.

3.  Make a collage with pieces of magazine pictures.

4.  Make my own laundry detergent.

5.  Go camping.

6.  Invite some friends over for dinner.

7.  Work on a Habitat for Humanity house.

8.  Make blueberry scones using my Cook’s Illustrated recipe.

9.  Sing karaoke.

10.  Drink a martini (may need before #9).

11.  Volunteer at a nursing home.

12.  Take my daughter driving on the Interstate.

13.  Tell the special people in my life, “I love you.”

14.  Make lavender soap.

15.  Go on a job interview.

16.  Memorize a beautiful piece of poetry.

17.  Build a birdhouse.

18.  Take myself to the movies.

19.  Have my palm read.

20.  Get a massage.

Thanks for the inspiration…and for letting me join you in adventuring!