Adventuring? Why I’d love to <3

Well here I am, beginning my journey of 52 adventures with these very words. I’m throwing ideas around in my head of what I can do this year that will challenge me, scare me, and even want to do again. I have a few in mind, but it gets more and more difficult to think of new ones. Then again, these things can’t all be planned out, now can they?

I am limited to the abilities of a 17 year old girl, both physically and permissible by parents. We’re not the poorest family on the block, but money restraints restrain…allot. So it is time to use my imagination! Creativity runs deep in my blood stream (unlike iron…maybe I’ll make a spinach pie? Yum ^^). My mom was an artist and stage actress, and everyone on my dad’s side has some form of artistic talent. I myself am an artist, and am found often sketching one thing or another.

I’m already thinking of new ideas as I write this that I haven’t before! I’m really excited to get started this week with my first Adventure. I can’t wait to share with you what happens, and I can’t wait to drag along my crazy friends into my endeavors. We all share a bond of doing wild things. It helps that nearly all of my friends are boys, ready to risk their lives for a new skate trick, or a use an abandoned hospital as a playground for parkouring.

Like I said before, I am limited to what parents say is “okay”. However, I’ve done quite a few things without their knowledge, which makes things so much more edgier. Do not worry older and probably more responsible people of this blog site- I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL ENDANGER THE LIVES OF ME, MY FRIENDS, ANIMALS, OR PEDESTRIANS. We may be crazy teenagers, but we’re responsible about it. Most of the time I’m the “Mother” of our group. Making sure we do stupid things less stupidly.

Well, I think I’ve covered quite a bit in this blog post; about myself and how I plan to go about adventuring. So I believe I should write down a few of the things I want to do:

1. Keep my Garden Alive. (this isn’t just a one week challenge though- this needs to take place throughout the entire gardening season- which can last up until November)

2. LEARN TO SWIM. (My Boyfriend claims to teach me. So have all of my friends in every Summer since I was 9…we’ll see what happens)

3. Paint a Masterpiece (or the best I can, and finally use the canvas sitting in my closet)

4. Dress exactly like my “Twin” sister (down to make-up and hair) and hang out in a public area for awhile.

5. Rollerskating?! =D

6. Find a Job.

7. Learn how to cook something.

8. Try some new food (like something besides orange chicken from the Chinese food menu for a change? ^^)

9. Camp out in the woods that me and my friends believe to be haunted by protective spirits.

10. Visit the abandoned drug den left by Islamic enthusiasts (again…but that place is beyond creepy and worth seeing again)

11. Walk to someplace new and far away.

12. Explore the entirety of the hiking grounds of Bear Mountain.

14. Volunteer to help with the re-modelling of a house for someone in need (this is my next two weekends)

15. Write lyrics and music for a song, record it, and put it on you-tube.

16. Become one with nature. Something I did as a challenge before I turned fifteen. It was just me and the woods and nature all around, and something I would love to do again.

17. Build a snow fort and have a genuine snow-ball fight.

18. Sculpt something.

19. Make a portfolio.

20. Fix my bikes and ride them instead of getting rides from my parents every weekend.

21. Get an ID (I’m homsechooled, so getting one isn’t just like obtaining one from school. I have to go out of state and get one from someplace in NY)

22. Learn to drive and get a licence ❤

23. Get a piercing for my 18th birthday. This I’ll actually need permission from the parents, but it’s just on my ear, no biggie.

24. Dye my hair some random color. (Oh dear, I’m sounding more and more like a stereotypical rebellious teenager)

25. Go to Chicago to see a very close friend of mine. (I really want to try and do this, though I know the chances of it happening are very slim =( )

26. Spend a week away from home.

Well, thats all I can think of for now. Hopefully I can think of the other half of adventures soon. As For now I have to venture into the rest of today: Shower, see my boyfriend for the first time in ten days cause he went to Texas for an adventure of his own, go to church and sing for choir some songs that I hardly know because our choir director is in West Virginia and hasn’t been able to send us any downloads for the music. Yeah, we’re all high-tech in choir now 😉

TTFN ❤ Tah Tah For Now