Earth Mother meets Italy #8/52

Several of the adventures on my list have nothing to do with risk or excitement – they’re just about trying something new.  Today I made my own laundry soap (and will find out in a couple of days how well it works!).  If anyone else is interested, I found super easy instructions at The Simple Dollar.  The nice thing is that I refilled plastic detergent jugs, so that’s a little less packaging to go into the landfill!

While I was in the make-it-yourself mode (and looking at the basil plants on my back deck), I decided not only to make fresh pesto, but to try my hand at making fettuccine from scratch.  No pasta machine?  No problem!  I rolled the dough out and used a pizza cutter to cut the noodles; then I hung the pasta over a couple of plastic coat hangers to dry.  I have to say that dinner was a success – especially after adding a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio!