Adventure 26/52: Leaving a hope note for a stranger to find

The purpose behind last week’s Mondo Beyondo secret mission was simple: “There’s nothing like putting something good out into the world to give you the courage to believe it yourself.” I was invited to leave an affirmation in a public place for someone else to find and enjoy.

However, for someone like me who gets caught up in the rules (e.g., what if I’m not allowed to put tape on this wall?!), the execution was not so simple. I was excited but nervous about where I’d place the notes (because I wanted to share two messages) and wasn’t sure I’d be able to snap a picture afterwards in case I needed to make a quick getaway from the tape police. (I’m only partly kidding …)

The first note is from a Valentine’s Day postcard my husband and I sent a few years ago. Cincinnati readers might be able to spot the location. I hung the second note near a few benches. I hope that someone eating lunch or taking a few moments to reflect will see it peeking through the leaves.