Adventure #24: First time on a motorcycle!

While in Siem Reap, Cambodia, our Tuk Tuk driver planned everything for us, which was great! We didn’t have to think for ourselves, which is always nice when you’re traveling. (haha) So one of his suggestions was to go see a floating village, where all of the houses are built in the water. We concurred. So as we get closer to the destination, our driver informs us that we will need to ride motorcycles to get close to the water where our boat was awaiting us. I had never ridden on a motorcycle before and was a little anxious at the thought of it. But I figure, when in Cambodia…The idea of my first experience on a motorcycle ever while being in Cambodia made me laugh a little to myself. So without much hesitation and overthinking, I found myself mounting the back of a motorcycle with a small Cambodian man as my driver. He was a good driver, but there were many potholes on the dirt road so we were swirving a lot. But there were a few moments where I was able to let go and let myself enjoy the scenery of the green fields of grass and clear blue sky. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this experience, but I will surely never forget it!