This is an exercise in direct mandates

I’m looking at you faithful blog follower.

It’s been sometime since we’ve all congregated to tell tale of events past, present and forthcoming.  I exhausted (see: am exhausted) my year of adventure, but that is no reason to turn down potential trysts.  We just moved.  Into a barn!  I’m learning to hard-core cycle!  I’m getting married.  In a barn!

2012 isn’t a year of barnyard anecdotes, but it is whatever I decide to make of it.  Which is where you come in.

Adventure or not, I implore you to dedicate yourself to something this year, if for anything, for yourself.  As mentioned in the subject heading, this is an exercise in mandate.  I’m trying demanding that you continue to do all that you do.  But, to really spice up 2012, to do it with great gusto and enriched energy. 

Be reminded that this board serves as a maleable template.  Not into adventure? No worries!  What about a year of reading, of service, of letter writing, of thanks.  There is so much untapped potential that only YOU can see to.

So, if you’ll be so kind as to indulge and heed my demand and be the best you can be.  I am so excited to see what comes!