Alright, Friends:

I actually regret my efforts the last time I attempted this, having only made it maybe 10 adventures in, and only writing up about 3 of the adventures. They’re on here someplace. So this year, I vow to complete all 52 adventures, will photo and blog, by December 31, 2012.

My list is below, and is mostly centered around the New York area with sidebars to DC, New England, Chicago, and Florida. I’ve posted it here in its entirety because, unless there’s a good reason not to, you are 100% invited to any of these adventures. Friends and strangers alike. Just let me know!

January: Attend Ballet (Copeland at the New York City Ballet with Surkhab; Tickets already purchased)
March: Skydiving (Skydive New Jersey with Amie; Tickets already purchased)
March: Recording session (For Twelfth Night, so let’s call this one invite-only)
April: Cherry Blossom Festival (no dates set, but it’s in Washington, DC – all are invited)

May: Harrier Hash (
July: Fourth of July at Hustler club (the club has an outdoor rooftop patio with direct views of the nyc fireworks –
July: bastille day festivities (
August 11: Warrior Dash ($75, Windham NY – 2 hours from New York City, 3 hours from Boston, 1 hour from Albany.
September: West Indian-American Carnival and Parade (labor day weekend in Brooklyn –
September 9: Chicago Half Marathon (Currently $65. Goes up Feb 17)
September 22: Urban Dare Adventure Race (kind of a one-day amazing race – – $90 for 2 people)
October: Village Halloween Parade (
November 11: Miami Man Triathlon (I’m assuming girls are invited too. $162)
December: Santa Con (“Santacon is a non-denomination, non-commercial, non-political and non-sensical Santa Claus convention that occurs once a year for absolutely no reason.” Actually, it’s a thousand people drinking beer dressed as Santa Claus.)
December: Throw a new years party – NYC
Fancy dress dinner party at Amie’s in DC
Take Trapeze Class – kind of expensive; lasts a number of weeks
High Tea at the Plaza Hotel
Attend a taping of a TV show: Letterman? SNL?
Hike the Catskills
Snorkel of the coast of Fire Island
Helicopter ride over Manhattan (looks to be around $100-ish)
White water rafting (looks like it’ll be $70 or $75, on the Hudson River, a bit upstate New York)
Ride the Roosevelt Island Tram; see the burnt out remains of the insane asylum on the island; have a lovely little picnic.
Louis Armstrong House Museum
The Frick Museum
Walk West 4th Street
Get lost in the West Village
Yankee Game
Join the Free-Masons; learn the arcane secrets of the universe.
Mega concert at Madison Square Garden (right now the line is only Romeo and The Black Keys, so we’ll have to see what the summer brings)
Shabbot with Jewish friends
Plan my funeral and write my will
Walk the New York marathon route in one day
Build a giant sandcastle – Fire Island? Coney Island?
Master Cleanse
Snowman in Central Park
Participate in a Poetry Slam
Build a fire, spend all night tending it and watch the sun rise
Learn to do a Standing Backflip
Design and get my second tattoo
Scavenger hunt: