Take a Craft at It 

In one way is my family split evenly: fiscal responsibility.  That’s to say, I’ve none.  My sister keeps company with me here, while my mother and brother are artful misers who really know how to save.  So it came as a great surprise when I landed a temporary job in campaign finance in the summer of 2008. 

Somehow, since then, I haven’t been able to do anything other than fiscally plan.

I’m a financial administrator at MIT.  My job asks that I maintain financial portfolios.  Before then I was maintaining the books at Loyola.  Earlier than that, for Betsy Markey for Congress.  So, following the great tide of life, I am keeping in theme with my upcoming nuptials.

As Hiro and I have to assume most of the fiscal burden of a wedding we are trying to do so in the most creatively frugal ways possible!  Thankfully, we settled on partying in a barn.  Barn décor is minimal, at best, so we needn’t fret over silken linens and rental forks.  However to really keep in theme (and I love a good theme) I have decided to do almost everything by hand.

It’s a wild adventure in DIY madness! (More …)