Take a Craft at It

In one way is my family split evenly: fiscal responsibility.  That’s to say, I’ve none.  My sister keeps company with me here, while my mother and brother are artful misers who really know how to save.  So it came as a great surprise when I landed a temporary job in campaign finance in the summer of 2008. 

Somehow, since then, I haven’t been able to do anything other than fiscally plan.

I’m a financial administrator at MIT.  My job asks that I maintain financial portfolios.  Before then I was maintaining the books at Loyola.  Earlier than that, for Betsy Markey for Congress.  So, following the great tide of life, I am keeping in theme with my upcoming nuptials.

As Hiro and I have to assume most of the fiscal burden of a wedding we are trying to do so in the most creatively frugal ways possible!  Thankfully, we settled on partying in a barn.  Barn décor is minimal, at best, so we needn’t fret over silken linens and rental forks.  However to really keep in theme (and I love a good theme) I have decided to do almost everything by hand.

It’s a wild adventure in DIY madness!Please note that I am a big proponent for up-cycled, hand-crafted things.  But do know that I am lousy in craftsmanship.  I have all these ideas just swirling around (and often abusively posted on pinterest) with no way of executing.  I haven’t sewn since my elementary school home economic course; have little experience with design a la Adobe suites; and can’t paint.  These DIY-basics prove to be a hindrance, but not a total wash, as I am lucky to have some artfully gifted pals who have offered help.  But I also wanted to take part in the process.  And, impatient as I am, I’m trying to do just that.

For now, here’s the DIY roster for the coming months:

  • Folding 1,000 paper cranes
  • Making hand-crafted paper flower centerpieces
  • Creating paper doily bunting
  • Creating our own favors
  • Designing my own Save the Dates

The later has had me busy for the past week, and subsequently became adventure-full.

As mentioned we are marrying in 2 story old red barn replete with thousands of white lights and a weather vane.  It’s picturesque and darling.  We envisioned some wild flower centerpieces, some mason jars, lights and we’d have ourselves a party.  But I’ve quickly found that there is so much more involved.  Namely, I need to inform our guests that there is a celebration to be had.  And what better way to inform them than with custom screen-printed handkerchiefs?!

Well, screen-printing is misleading.  I ironed on 120 individually printed inverse images of our silhouette and wedding date.  Once transferred onto the hankie (vintage lot found on ebay) I dressed it up a little further with a drawn doily heart and a tag dictating the definition of Keepsake. 

It’s home-made-y and kitsch but I truly love the outcome!  I think it really resonates with our intent to keep things organic and shared.  I would have commissioned someone else to do this if we were well funded, but we are not – so the need to DIY arose.  It’s giving me greater hope for all the projects to come, although I certainly will not turn down any offers for help.