It Took Me a Minute

I’m getting a handle on WordPress just as I’m getting a handle on the beginning of my 52 Adventures.

My first one is tonight. The adventure was to join a writing group in my new hometown of Chicago. I meet tonight for the first time with my group. Woot!

On my still growing list:

join a sport
get behind the scenes at a history museum
ride the L from end to end
run a 10 miler, maybe a 1/2 marathon
ride my bicycle on the mean streets of chicago (as opposed to trails and paths!)
join a writing group
go on a blind date
volunteer with an LGBT organization
submit three pieces of writing for publication
learn to make real part appetizers (hopefully containing bacon)
learn to make a real dessert (that is not made of milk and cream and…ice)
take a mini road trip to see a historical landmark
eat a whole piece of fish without complaining

Thats the list so far i have so many more adventures ahead. I’m thrilled.

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