Possible Adventures

I don’t have 52, but some of the ideas I’m working with include:

Take an exhaustive inventory of all the belongings I have with me here in Boston.

Read a bunch of Poe, then take the “Raven in the Frog Pond” Poe walk through Boston as illustrated in the BPL exhibit.

Attend a B movie marathon in its entirety.

Participate in a poetry reading. As a reader.

Attend a cake decorating class.

Try to become an extra in a movie.

Detoxification week. No caffeine, alcohol, sugary junk food, or meat, and easy on the cheese. Not so much a “cleanse” as airing out the weird shamanistic relationship I have with food—ice cream doesn’t solve problems.

Take a chess lesson or attend a chess seminar to learn basic strategy.

Same deal with playing pool.

Extend my memorized multiplication tables up to fifteen–I’m embarrassed by how long it takes me to do simple math sometimes.

Go to a wine tasting.

Finish reading Infinite Jest in some specific place. It’s already been a memorable book for me, and I think it would be worthwhile to read the last hundred pages or so (granted, I’m not there yet) in a location I’d like to remember.

Beg, borrow, or steal my way back to Pittsburgh to revisit the participatory improv show I attended in undergrad, and actually go up for a few scenes.

Develop a “signature dish.” Document the preparation in some kind of faux food blog entry. (Sub-adventure: figure out how to work settings on camera.)

Play a board game in a public place, with the usual degree of enthusiasm I use to play board games, which is: an embarrassing degree of enthusiasm. Attempt to recruit passerby.

Possibly: No Pants T Ride on Sunday? The Boston version of Improv Everywhere’s annual No Pants T Ride is planned for this Sunday, and if they get their act together, I might be swayed.