1/52: Joining The Year of 52 Adventures and sharing my list (so far)

Hi all! So excited to be joining you on this journey. I was immediately smitten with this idea as soon as I learned of it from a friend’s post on Facebook. At first I planned to participate in this quietly, on my own, but then I realized that being a part of this community is a necessary adventure for me this year. Though I can temporarily trick people into believing I’m an extrovert, introversion courses through my veins and feels oh-so-comfortable to me. So, here I am, adventuring in public and learning how to live out loud a bit more.

Here’s my list so far, separated in categories and with some borrowed adventures from your lists:

1. Run the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half-Marathon
2. Take a spinning class
3. Take a “hot” yoga class
4. Host a multi-course dinner party using all new recipes I’ve always wanted to try
5. Veganize my favorite cake, a lime cream torte
6. Visit a farmer’s market, buy what’s fresh, and make a meal of it
7. Follow some sort of cleansing diet for a week
8. Learn how to bake a variety of breads; a baguette, loaf and pizza crust for sure.

Personal/Interpersonal growth and development
9. Join and actively post on the yearof52adventures blog
10. Learn how to effectively deal with conflict and intentionally place myself in at least one situation that tests my skills
11. Write thank you notes to at least 10 people in my past who have influenced me, done something nice for me, etc.
12. Have dinner at a nice restaurant all by myself (and maybe a journal)
13. Invite a new acquaintance to dinner or other social activity

14. Create and teach a beach-inspired yoga workshop to raise money for Ocean Cure
15. Knock on all of my neighbors’ doors and give them a small gift (maybe flowers from my garden?) to introduce myself.

16. Walk to my local library instead of driving
17. Leave my car parked for 3 or more days – I’ll walk, bike, or use public transportation
18. Live a week without throwing anything (or very little) away – try to recycle/reuse/compost my waste for one week

Creativity and fun
19. Finish a quilt (one’s been in the works for nearly two years)
20. Host a craft/creativity night
21. Learn to knit
22. Spend a long weekend with my husband exploring a new city
23. Sew a set of cloth napkins to use at home
24. Learn how to salsa dance with my husband and dance a night away
25. Make my backyard a meditative/beautiful place (it’s currently a weedy playground for my dog)
26. Document a day and its adventures in photos and reflections

I’m out of ideas for now, but I expect some spontaneous adventures and some new ones to arise from completing the ones I’ve listed here.