WOW! i somehow figured this out. i have to say i am feeling a little silly as it seems no one else had such an “adventure” in signing on… i like to think i’m pretty smart- but sometymes it seems the easiest stuff is what gets me…

i have started my list- incomplete as it is, it’s a start. i happen to be a ritualistic list writer. now that i’ve started my focus has shifted to the parameters of the list in question, as opposed to it’s contents. this is something pretty typical of me and my obsessive nature over details and perfection… it’s quite frankly annoying. at the least to myself.

so in the honor of my OCD, i have committed to completing all 52, in hopes of letting go of / conquering my compulsions that limit me- those that say:
“you don’t have the right stuff to do this”
“you don’t know how”,
“it’s not good enough”,
“that’s nothing special”,
“no one cares”,
“you can’t do it alone”,
“you will never make it”,
“that’s not how it goes”

i can keep going… this list seems to be exhaustive. in the spirit of reclaiming mySELF however, i’m putting on my platforms and rising above and proceeding with the list of things that are “ALL WORTH IT”, “ALL GOOD”, and “ALL GOOD FOR ME”…

(in no particular order of course)

1) go on a derive

2) go out to eat all by myself- as in sit down and be waited on

3) go to the movies by myself

4) quit smoking

5) see a psychic / medium (with intent of speaking with a friend…)

6) learn to hitch and pull a 12 ft. pop-up camper behind my little truck

7) take said pop-up camper camping

8) go on a day long derive (summer)

9) exhibit / sell, in some form (Waldorf May Fair?!), my wool dolls and dress-up props for kids

10) participate in a class or retreat at Esther’s Farm (co-op sheep farm)

11) learn to play, then perform (open mic or something) at least one ani song (this may take some tyme)

12) cook an entire meal from scratch

13) host a crafting night where i am the instructor

14) get my passport (i have been “getting one” since 1993)

15) travel out of the country

16) take a class for fun- dancing, art, etc.

17) volunteer as an after-school tutor

18) go on a road trip to nowhere

19) start a conversation with a stranger

20) go an entire day without electronics of any kind

21) build a set of stairs to my bed for my cat, raven (he is like 14)

22) go on a first date (with someone new)

23) attend a gay / lesbian singles event

24) build a snowman with my school kids

25) participate in a benefit (breast cancer walk, shamrock shuffle)

26) write a letter to a friend and mail it

27) create and document artwork in the woods (andy goldsworthy inspired)

28) make a watercolor painting

29) spend an entire day as my cats do and witness their behaviors

52) get a number “52” tattoo