52 Adventures equals my first adventure in blogging!

Hello? Am I on? Is this working? I have never blogged before so this is an adventure all on its own!  I am thrilled to be a part of 52 Adventures!! I have enjoyed making my “list.” I have been giving it a lot of thought and a lot of questions have come up  too. What if I have a busy work week and don’t have the time for an ADVENTURE? Should I make a list of more than 52 things so I can be choosy? What if I do 2 in one week? What if something happens and its a spontaneous adventure, does it make the list after I’ve done it? After having voiced all of these I have come to the decision that their really aren’t any parameters. There are no limitations or expectations. I think  it is important for me just to do something! So with that, I share with you all MY LIST thus far.

In no particular order, in no categorization:

1. Midnight Yoga class (check!)

2. Visit my little brother at his college

3. swim some laps

4. see a musical in Chicago, preferably Billy Elliot. Preferably with my sister.

5. cook a dish with Chia seeds

6. walk a dog. any dog really.

7. go on a ghost tour

8. go rock climbing indoor or outdoor

9. begin composting

10. don’t buy anything for a week

11. get a passport

12. make cheese

13. eat salad for breakfast

14. visit  a winery

15. write letters to my friends

16. delete my email

17. watch Lost with a friend who enjoys watching Lost

18. get health insurance

19. Wear dresses/skirts for a week

20. figure out how to use twitter and tweet

21. give my bicycle a tune up

22. go on a bicycle tour of all the cupcake shops in Chicago

23. let an adventure find me

24. learn how to actually use my Mac

25. Hand out 10 business cards

this is the 1st time i numbered my adventures, looks like i need to come up with some more! I’m not worried. I’m going to let some adventures come to me. I’ll keep you posted!