Adventure #1- Try Ethiopian Food.
I went to Nyala on S. Fairfax in Los Angeles (very good Zagat rating). I got the Vegetarian Combination so that I could try as much as possible. It included: yemiser wot (red lentil stew), kik alecha (mild yellow split peas), defen yemiser wot (whole lentil stew), yatakit wot (mixed vegetables), yabesha gommen (collard greens).
A few things to note- everything is seasoned with fresh garlic and ginger and you eat with your hands (including the side salad).
Here were the instructions:
1. Tear off a small piece of ‘injera’ ( a crepe-like soudough bread) with your hands and place it on the dish of your choice.
2. Grasp your fingers to scoop up the food into bite size portions you desire.
3. Mold the bread until it soaks up the savory flavors that are essential to each dish.